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Overcoming Fibromyalgia

Discover how to go from feeling trapped by a cycle of chronic pain to having the tools to turn things around, from rheumatologist Dr. Martina Ziegenbein.

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Dr. Martina Ziegenbein

Dr. Zeigenbein is a trained rheumatologist and expert in fibromyalgia. She’s practiced for over 15 years, after completing both general rheumatology and lupus fellowships in Boston, MA and Baltimore, MD, respectively.

In addition to supporting her patients, she’s also struggled with fibromyalgia herself, for over a decade. But after years of searching and immersion in self-study, she found real approaches and strategies – the exact ones that led to the transient resolution of her back pain in September, 2021.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology



Fellowship Jogns Hopkins School of Medicine, M.D. (Lupus)



Boston University Medical Center, M.A.

The pain and discomfort you feel every hour of every day?

  • Stopping you from doing what you love
  • Weighing you down and putting your mind into a dark haze
  • Turning simple walks and getting up into its own constant battle

It’s real, and you’re not alone in this.

The Good News Is,
We Can Help

Imagine how you’ll feel with…


More Ease

To regain control and finally know what it feels to have your life back.


More Confidence

To know that you can actually manage your pain, no longer a slave to your condition.


More Hope

To have a spring in your step and the energy to face each new day to have something to look forward to.

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This Is For You If...


You Want Relief

With this course, you’ll have proven tools and techniques to manage your pain, fatigue, and all the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia.



You Want to Feel Like Yourself Again

It’s hard when it feels like this condition has robbed you of your potential. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever – you can discover how to thrive in spite of it.



You Want Evidence-Based Approaches from a Physician

Between a lack of support from healthcare and an overwhelming mess of information online, it’s hard to find clear answers. This course empowers you with techniques that work, so you can finally make progress.

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Guided Video Lessons

To give you the tools and methods you need to better manage your chronic symptoms.


Practical Exercises

To help you implement the teachings to action real change and finally see a way forward.


Done In 1 Hour

You can complete the course and take immediate steps to reclaiming who you used to be.

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  • 5 In-Depth, Practical Training Modules
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  • Exercises & Resources to Help You Take Action
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